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Exploration Services

Exploration Services(BEPC)

Baseline Exploration and Production Company approach to carrying out our operations is to apply considerable skill and expertise within the framework of unrivalled quality and integrity. Each endeavor commence with brain storming discussions between top management and the necessary technical team to ensure our best approach to problem solving. All relevant operational information and data are gathered including but not limited to market research to determine the market share, size and environment and the economic viability of each proposed project. The Board’s approval is sought on a project by project basis. We also endeavor to devise practical solutions built around the requirements and characteristics of the environment in which we operate. Depending on the nature of the operation and procedure agreed upon prior to commencement, a summary and/or comprehensive report is prepared and submitted to the Board and statutory authority for necessary input and approval before implementation. Our Project Managers make it a point of duty to follow through from the inception to the end of each operation to ensure quality, efficiency and environmental compliance with all statutory regulations. A session on lessons learned is usually held at the end of all projects as a means of maintaining consistency and improving on our product delivery always.