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HSE Integrated Policy

Baseline Exploration is committed to rendering services in the areas of Gas Exploration and Production in the Oil and Gas sector of the economy. We fully accept the principle that in addition to being a statutory requirement, a sound Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Radiation Protection practice plays a significant role in all successful management initiatives. Consequently, the companies have the primary objective to comply with all relevant legislations, standards or requirements and to ensure:
  • The Health of its employees, community and the population at large.
  • The Safety of the people, system, installations and all operational procedures.
  • Environmental protection and preservation including the assets of both the general population and the company
  • Quality and control of all procedures.
  • Radiation Protection for all personnel
Baseline Exploration’s attitude with respect to Health, Safety and Environment is that the majority of incidents can be prevented through risk analysis, continuous compliance assessment, and implementation of corrective actions even if a certain level risk is unavoidable due to the intrinsic hazard associated with the type of activities that the company engages in. Protection integrated Management System with expressed commitment from Top Management to the Operatives supported by the HSE Division staffed by competent personnel. The Company shall ensure continual improvement of the system with special emphasis on:

HEALTH: The Company shall pursue a safe system to work in accordance with fitness to work procedures that guarantees no harm to the health of, or injury to, employees and others and that all occupational health problems are thoroughly investigated and appropriate measures put in place to prevent reoccurrence. Adequate resources shall be provided to ensure the implementation of the programme.

SAFETY: The Company shall provide a well-defined organization with specific responsibilities and a system of communication, which are clearly defined and understood. It is an established fact the majority of accidents are caused by human errors. To minimize this, the company shall make every effort to provide safe work system for its employees and contractors and make them fully understand that they have a duty to protect themselves, their colleagues and the environment. This will be achieved by incorporating in their designs and construction, appropriate standards and practices including safety evaluation techniques supported by operational practices of the highest international accreditation. The safety of the installation will be evaluated through risk analysis and regular audits. Companies will have in place emergency plans for its operating facilities such that should an accident occur, prompt and effective action can be taken to avoid escalation.

ENVIRONMENT: The Company shall pay adequate attention to the environment by ensuring the protection and preservation of air, water, soil, plant and animal life from adverse effect of their operations or those of contractors acting on their behalf, and to minimize any abnormalities which may arise from such operations and shall provide the resources necessary for effective environmental protection and waste management for both normal and emergency situations.

QUALITY: The Company shall ensure quality operations and provide products that meet the specified product quality requirements, which are in accordance with contractual specifications and statutory requirements. Detailed operational procedures will be provided in order to guarantee that requirements. Detailed operation procedures will be provided, in order to guarantee that quality standards are met and the risks f accidents are reduced. Competent and well-trained staff / qualified contractors will be engaged.

RADIATION PROTECTON: The Company shall promote safe Radiation Protection activities and will ensure continuous supplies and consultation on matters concerning Health and safety.

The Company trust that all employees accept that for Baseline Energy Services Limited to remain operating as a service company in Nigeria, this policy and the HSE-QR plan incorporated I it must be implemented and they will therefore act accordingly.